Russia: Putin; Smarter Than Your Average Bear!


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee & thinking about Putin.

In America we have a saying about, holding all the “Aces”. (means, that you have the highest cards) How do you think Putin will play his aces?Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You have to admit that Putin is one smart man! When Putin retires he needs to write a book called; “Putinisms!” I would love to read a book about how he thinks, to help understand his mind! He is shrewed and cunning! Reminds me of a Fox!…… (click: read more to continue)

“Dmitry Medvedev, endorsed by President Vladimir Putin as his preferred successor, asked Putin on Tuesday to become prime minister in his future government in order to ensure continuity.

Medvedev also said his priority in the Kremlin would be to raise living standards, and he praised Russia’s growing might in the world.

Putin, who almost certainly cleared Medvedev’s statements beforehand, gave no indication whether he would accept the post of prime minister. But he praised Medvedev as someone who respects democratic values, during a meeting with foreign ambassadors.

Medvedev’s comments were his first since Putin backed him as the next president Monday, and they provided a glimpse into what politics might look like after Putin leaves the Kremlin next year. Medvedev, who has little visible power base in the Kremlin, is seen as beholden to Putin, whose preferred successor is expected to easily win the presidential election on March 2.

“Expressing my readiness to participate as a candidate in the presidential election, I am calling on [Putin] to agree to become the head of the Russian government after the election of the new president,” Medvedev said in a speech shown repeatedly on state television throughout the day, lending it the appearance of a campaign ad.

Medvedev is not a registered candidate yet.

Sending a clear signal to the country’s elite that he does not plan a government shake-up, Medvedev said, “It is important to keep the effectiveness of the team created by the incumbent president.”

He echoed Putin in heralding the country’s revival on the international stage. “The attitude toward Russia in the world is different now,” he said. “We are not being lectured like schoolchildren. We are respected and we are deferred to. Russia has reclaimed its proper place in the world community. Russia has become a different country: stronger and more prosperous.”

The conditions that Putin himself has set to become prime minister appear to have been fulfilled. Putin floated the idea of occupying the post on Oct. 1, but he said two conditions should be met first: United Russia must achieve a crushing victory in State Duma elections, and the next president must be a “worthy” person with whom he could work.”(Moscow Times)

So Putin has all the cards, as we say! Lets see how he plays them over the next few years!


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