Russia: Save The Gazelles!

Russia Today:
Several kilometers of Russia’s border with Mongolia will be without fencing for a while to let some 100,000 gazelles move north. Years of drought have forced them to migrate to the Russian side of the border and, in doing so, many gazelles got tangled up in barbed wire and died.

The animals are heading for the Russia’s Daursky Nature Reserve in search of food and water.

Many of the trapped gazelles died from injuries and thirst, and conservationists feared an environmental disaster. But now several segments of the fence have been temporarily dismantled to allow the animals through.

The Nature Reserve staff are busy saving the gazelles by helping them to get out of the “traps” and disinfecting their wounds. Drinking bowls for the animals have also been installed at the scene.

I wondered what they where going to do about this problem. I am glad to see that they have removed the fences.

Kyle & Svet

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