Russia: Stuck in Kiev, Ukraine!


My wife has made it home to Russia and I am stuck in Kiev, Ukraine due to technical reasons. Somewhere around the first of the month (Nov.) I will be back in Russia.

It is a long story and as soon as I get proper internet I will explain the whole story.

So for now: I am living in the Slavutich Hotel with very limited internet connection. I have had lots of long walks and have seen very interesting things. (Like a grocery store robbery with the bad guys (Lada) car being shoot full of holes by the police….) The car looked like Swiss Cheese when the cops were done. ……

That is a story I will tell when I get better connection and no I did not have my camera! (I wish)

Gotta go for now the cost of internet in this Hotel is outrageous.


comments always welcome.

PS: Yes, we have lots of pictures of Israel and this time I did not lose them. I have them cut to cd’s and put on flash drives. 🙂

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