Russia: Svet & Her Camera!


I was thinking again but no coffee this time. I was drinking Diet Pepsi, Yummy!

I told the world that I bought my wife a new camera and she loves it. I also told the world that no one is safe now, that she has a camera. (sorta like a kid in a candy store)

Well now Svet has brought pictures of the new architect that is being built in Moscow. Russia is replacing older flats that were built in an era that needed quick housing. (Other words the buildings are falling down around the people living in them.)

I think, she took really good pictures and I am going to post them, this gives you an idea of what Moscow looks like.

I am also going to post pictures of a car wreck that Svet took. (I told you know one is safe!)

It is a wreck between a car and a bus.

Now I am showing these to you because in Russia no matter how small the accident you do not move your vehicles. You keep them where they are at until the Road Police show up. Bad thing is it could be 2-3 hours or more before the Road Police show up. So no matter how bad you block traffic you do not pull out of the way. (as you can see this was not a bad accident)

So now you know a little more about life in Russia.


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