Russia: These Dogs Have Lofty Connections!


These dogs have connections in Russia. They happen to belong to Medvedev and they just won some awards.

Amongst 12,000 furry competitors at the Eurasia-2009 dog show, the president’s two English setters, Joly and Daniel, got first place in their individual classes, while his golden retriever, Aldu, received a silver medal at the Eurasia-2009 dog show.

Medvedev has four dogs, and only his Central Asian sheepdog missed the show.

Some say that they won because they belong to the boss of Russia but the dog show people said that Medvedev’s dogs deserve the awards.

I do know that Medvedev did not go to see the dog show he was in Italy and Spain this weekend. So he was too busy to attended.

Seems his dogs took care of things with out him 🙂

Kyle & Svet

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PS: Dmitry Medvedev is also the owner of a cat of Siberian breed, called Dorofey, which seems to be quite the veteran of political battles. Dorofey became a news maker after he fought with the cat of the last Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.