Russia: Tidbits Of Information!

British Intelligence Calls Russia a Threat

The British special services consider Russia one of the main threats to the security of Great Britain, The Times of London reports. Beyond Russian intelligence, the top two threats are identified as Al-Qaeda and Iran. “Russia’s three main intelligence agencies have flooded the country with agents,” the newspaper notes and the British are forced to spend many resources to counteract Russian industrial and military espionage.

Moscow to Turn Into World Finance Center

Economic Development Ministry has elaborated the concept to turn Moscow into a World Finance Center, Vedomosti reported. The concept is to be submitted to the government by August 1, but the document hasn’t been agreed on yet.

Russia to Join WTO When Finland Permits

Russia will join the World Trade Organization (WTO) no sooner than it settles the timber-tarriff conflict with the EU, said EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn.

Russia to hand over 2 border islands to China in August

Russia could finally relinquish control of two border river islands to China in August, a senior Russian security official said on Friday.

Russia & Japan develop taste for each other’s cultures before G8

Russia and Japan have had their disagreements, but interest in each other’s culture has seldom been hampered by political rows. As leaders prepare to hammer out business and politics at next week’s G8 summit in Japan, Russians are hoping to find out more about their eastern neighbour.

Green light for a new Caspian gas pipeline

The construction of a new Caspian gas pipeline and future gas prices have been the focus of President Dmitry Medvedev’s first official visit to Turkmenistan. In the capital, Ashkhabad, he met the country’s president Gurbanguly Berdymukhameddov.

Russia & EU kick off partnership agreement talks

The first round of talks between Russia and the EU on their new strategic partnership agreement has started in Brussels on Friday. Energy, trade and missile defence were all on the table as the two sides began work towards a new bilateral agreement.