Russia: Tobacco – Get Cancer and Cure Cancer, All From The Same Plant!


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and came across this interesting tidbit of information: This information came from Экспресс газета (Express Gazeta). The Gazeta Express, is a Kosovo newspaper published in Pristina by MediaWorks.

Smoking may be bad for you but in Russia the tobacco plants are the key to a cure for cancer.

The cost of one dose of such medications as mabtera, herceptin or avastin makes up about $2,800. A patient would have to pay over $100,000 for one year of treatment. There were incidents when cancer patients had to sell their property to be able to take the course and stay alive. What is worse, there is no universal remedy for cancer. Such medications have to be made individually for each patient. The process may last for up to six months. To crown it all, the use of animal cells may not be safe – a patient can be infected with other deadly viruses.

Russian scientists paid attention to plants, for they make the endless and cheap source of protein on the planet. Herbs do not contain any infections which could be dangerous to humans. Their biggest advantage is speed. Researchers made herbs use all of their resources to produce a required substance very quickly.

The healing tobacco plantation is located at the Moscow-based Institute for Physiochemical Biology named after A.N. Belozersky.

It seems that while smoking tobacco may cause cancer, the tobacco plant that we smoke can help cure cancer cheaply and safely. Russia has developed this unique approach because cost is such a factor. Sometimes a different approach is what it takes to make something work.

Lets hope that this is an approach that will work out to be successful.

Kyle & Svet

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