What is Russia Doing This Week?


Russia seems to be getting ready to have several rallies, sanctioned or not sanctioned. It seems that this time of the year the groups like to express there dissatisfaction about the way Russia is run. The problem is that to hold a rally in Russia you must be properly sanctioned just like in the most of the free world. So when a group messes up their application or does not even turn a application in they always hold their rally anyway and then the fun starts.

Russian March’ organizers to hold sanctioned rally in Moscow
from RIA Novosti
Moscow authorities have allowed the organizers of the “Russian March” to hold a rally in central Moscow on December 12, a deputy head of the mayor’s press service said on Wednesday.

Russian opposition to go ahead with unauthorized March of Dissent
from RIA Novosti
The Other Russia opposition coalition is planning to hold an unsanctioned protest march in Moscow on December 14 after failing to receive permission for the rally, an opposition leader said on Wednesday. (These are the ones who will get in trouble)

While the protesters are stomping around downtown Moscow this weekend the South Ossetian leader is spilling the beans so to speak on Saakashvili:

S.Ossetian leader says Georgia tried to win him over with $20 mln
from RIA Novosti
The president of the separatist province attacked by Georgia in August has told a Russian newspaper that Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili tried several years ago to win his loyalty with a large bribe.

Then all over the news is the fact that the USA is so concerned that Russia had a police raid on the Memorial office
from RIA Novosti
The U.S. State Department has expressed serious concern over a police search of the St. Petersburg offices of the Memorial human rights organization.

I guess that source of information leak to the USA has been stopped and America is not happy. Of course America never raids any organization…..

It seems Latvia has a real problem with people who speak Russian in their country. The fact is 94 per cent of the Latvian population can speak Russian! Oops!

Want to speak your native tongue – pay!
from Russiatoday.ru
Latvia has proposed doubling a fine for using the Russian language in the workplace. Now, speaking Russian in Latvian offices could cost you one hundred U.S. dollars.

Of course that seems to be an issue in most of the ex Soviet countries. Ukraine is having a real problem with the very same thing.

But last but not least the scandal of the century is all over Russia and the man (Obama) has not even got into office yet.

Did governor try to sell Obama’s Senate seat?
from Russiatoday.ru
A US state governor has been arrested on charges that he tried to sell the position left vacant by president-elect Barack Obama. Investigators say they have evidence suggesting Rod Blagojevich tried to make money by using his position to appoint Obama’s replacement in the Senate.

This is how far the news has gotten to the Russian people about this issue. The rest will come out: The fact that Obama aids were involved, the fact that this has more to do with Bank Of America then corruption, the implications are flying that Obama is scared by this incident and so on and so on and so on…. (Face it people, Corruption is Government in America, that is not why he was arrested.)

So Russia is the same: Just Russia!

Oh by the way it finally got cold, the temperature dropped below freezing. Yea – it feels good outside and all that mud is freezing.

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