Russia: Trip Through Time!


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee & thinking about the elections in Russia. I decided that I had enough of the elections in Russia! They are identical to the elections in America! (Enough said)

So my thoughts wondered to the country side of Russia. This picture that I took is not the best picture but it portrays what my mind is thinking.

The old road leads to an unknown future. As what is real is visible to the eye. What goes through my mind is that we are loosing these beautiful villages. We are letting them decay into dust!

We as a race of people are very much social animals. We seem to congregate into huge piles of people called cities. Look at Moscow, +11,000,000 people in a tiny little dot on the surface of the planet. Look at New York City, +18,000,000 people in a little dot on the planets surface.

I guess that I am different than most people, I want to be in a Village!


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