Svet Sunday: Circus!


Do you like circus? Do you ever think that circus is a place where people show incredible abilities to manage their bodies or communicate with animals and teach them to do difficult tricks…

Recently, when I worked on article about Valentin Dikul. I’ve read his thought when he told about differences between sportsmen and artists of circus.

He told that artist of circus sets records at every performance that’s why when artist of circus have training he or she must set one and half of this record on each training. As for sportsmen they need to set records just on competition, so when they have their trainings they train hard but hope that they will be able to set new record on competition using their emotions.

So here on post I put a video, what I made by myself… 🙂 & here is link to translation of the song’s words!
First time in my life! There is a very good song and pictures of circus what I found in Internet. Hope you will enjoy it.

Be happy! And maybe it’s time to go to the circus?


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