Russia: Truth For Ossetia!

School Blown Up!

Truth for Ossetia has left a new comment on your post “Russia: South Ossetia Traveling To The USA!“:

Thanks for the mention, and for your interest in our visit, Kyle and Svet. For more information or to help the cause of peace in Georgia and South Ossetia, visit and


Give these websites a view and help out if you can! I was working on an article about these sites and then after my last article about South Ossetia going to America, I received this comment above.

As you know we have been a huge supporter of South Ossetia! As many Russians have been. I have a different view point than most Americans because I live in Russia. So I have tried to give all information I could about the war between South Ossetia and Georgia.

The site Truth For Ossetia caught my attention a few days ago. The site is full of photos and stories about what happened. So I just changed my article and posted this….

Take a look at both sites they will give you a different outlook about what happened.

Kyle & Svet

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