Russia: When Will The Protesters Learn?


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee today and removing comments that said many bad and nasty things. We had a total of 30 really bad comments that expressed the desire to either rearrange our existence or say foul words that should not be printed.

What were these wonderful comments over: Article 1 and Article 2!

Article one (1) is about things going on in Russia but we hit a sore spot with the happenings with illegal rallies this weekend. Link 1, Link 2, Link 3. I had proceeded to express the fact that people will be arrested because they do not follow the rules. (Ouch)

Article two (2) is about a certain Roman Dobrokhotov who was arrested for his attitude at a press conference with Medvedev. (Trouble with a capital T!)

We will say that if the attitude and foul language that we received in comments on this article and the previous article are an example of these followers expressions then we see why they are having communication problems with the Government people.

We are all for rallies and expressing yourself but if you do not learn how to do it correctly you will have a long road to travel!

We seem to have hit a sore spot this weekend…….

Kyle & Svet

comments always welcome.