Russia: Ukraine Would Like to Work Together! (Now)


I have written before about Kiev, Ukraine. It is a city that I love but it is also a city that has lots of problems. It seems the main problem is the government of the country or more specifically: The Ukraine President….

KIEV, December 2 (RIA Novosti) – Ukraine’s president (Viktor Yushchenko) has ordered a high-level group be set up to improve ties with Russia in the face of the ongoing financial crisis, the country’s top security official said on Tuesday.

Seems that now as Ukraine finds itself broke and going bankrupt. Ukraine has come to the realization that the America is not going to throw funds their way. It is obvious that America is broke. It is obvious that America is not buying any goods from Ukraine.

Now the Ukraine President looked around and said whoops – I hope that I have not pissed Russia off too much. Viktor Yushchenko is quoted as saying, “Naturally Russia, with trade turnover due to reach some $30 billion this year, is our largest partner, and it must be a partner in finding ways of overcoming the crisis.”

Good job President Yushchenko you figured out who buys more Ukraine goods all on your own!

Kyle & Svet

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Update: Russia has announced if Ukraine is serious that Russia will give Ukraine a chance. Russia said that they are there for Ukraine and that Ukraine needs to realize where the reality is.