Russia: USA Has Crossed The Red Line Already!

Remember those days! I do.


I think that it is interesting that Russia is suppose to be happy about Missiles in their face, but America threatens: “not to cross a, red line” at the words of a leaked press article about the possibility that Russia could be playing the same game.

U.S. General Warns Russia on Nuclear Bombers in Cuba

By Henry Meyer

July 23 (Bloomberg) — A U.S. Air Force general warned Russia not to cross a “red line” by stationing nuclear bombers in Cuba, heightening a dispute over U.S. missile-defense plans.

My country, America has a bad case of: “I want my cake and eat it too.” Syndrome!

So while the USA is walking all over (the red line) Russia about the Missile issue.

Grandma always said: “Do unto others what you want done to you!”

Kyle & Svet

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