Russia: Vacation Here We Come!


Left Saturday, 29th.

We are on Vacation and will be gone at least two weeks. We are going to post but not near as often. Maybe every 3 to 4 days. (We hope.) Counts on wireless availability.

We want to thank all our readers & do not think that we have run away.

Do not be a stranger while we are gone, check out the archives. We will get to comments as soon as we can…….

Windows To Russia, has 467 Posts.

Windows to Russia: News, has 568 Posts.

Windows To Russia: Video, has 54 Posts.

Windows To Russia: CCCP, has 17 Posts.

Windows To Russia: Photo, has 13 Posts.

Windows To Russia: Did You Know?: has 45 Posts.

That is 1164 Posts to look at while we are gone!

Kyle & Svet

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