Russia: Vacation Post 1


As we had our morning cup of delicious Ukraine Coffee & Tea, we got our internet connection going.

We are having a blast on our trip. We decided to go to the Crimea in Ukraine. The weather is wonderful and warm.

We stopped on the first leg of our trip, at a town in Russia called Prohorovskoe(Belgorodskaya oblast’). We stayed in a hotel that Putin stayed in when he was in this town. We found out that Yeltsin had all the major monuments put in this area. The town has fantastic sites to see and beautiful churches.

The pictures are of the monuments and the big church near the motel. The last picture is of the Motel. This town had lots of battle tanks from WWII. There was a major tank battle at this spot.

We are now in the Yalta Hotel as we do this on their Wi-Fi system which is marginal at best. We are on the top floor of the Hotel (16th, which seems to have the best connection) to post this article. Our room is on the 9th floor.

We are going to look around for a few days in the Yalta area. There is a major Church Holiday on Monday (7th). On Tuesday we will be traveling to Sochi to see the Olympic city before all the construction is done.

Hope all is going well with everyone & we will post again Monday. (We will try?)

Happy Trails,

Svet & Kyle

comments always welcome.

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