Russia Watches For Round Two of Ukraine 2010 Presidential Elections!

Ukraine is blessed with one outcome of the latest elections: Ukraine’s President Viktor Yushchenko is history and I hope they keep him buried there!

Former PM Viktor Yanukovych led current PM Yulia Tymoshenko by some 36% to 25%. With Yushchenko less than 5%. So that looks like on February 2nd that a run off between Viktor Yanukovych and Yulia Tymoshenko will happen.

Yulia will according to news sources gather more votes due to all the others being voted out and could very well take the next election…

If this all equates to a better world for Ukraine, then we will have to wait and see. But somehow I would not “hold my breath!”

At least Viktor Yushchenko is “out of there!” Now if they can just get “Sassy” out of Georgia…

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