Russia: The West Fades into the Sunset!


Today while drinking my morning cup of coffee, I came across interesting articles from all over the world. Articles from Western press, that act in horror that Russia is not going to pull out of South Ossetia! The Western world has ignored Abkhazia and the fact that Russia will not be pulling out of Abkhazia either.

I have said all along that Medvedev is pissed off about this situation down in Georgia. You must understand the reality, that South Ossetia & Abkhazia are no longer part of Georgia in Russians minds. In fact Russian State Duma MPs and Federation Council members have made it clear that they are ready to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

As I live amongst the Russians, I have come to conclude that there are several areas that are still considered Russian! The Caucus Region, The Crimea and The Black Sea are just a few. When you talk about areas like these, many Russians just automatically consider them Russian.

I also this morning read about the waffling of Ukraine’s tough stance against Russia’s Black Fleet! One minute Ukraine is threatening to blocking the port, the next minute they say welcome back please remember to leave by 2017!

Talk about Medvedev, He is telling NATO farewell, goodbye and so long. He says Russia has no use for a Cold War relic like NATO! America stuttered and stammered on that news, while Europe most likely said: See we told you so!

The same goes true for the G8, World Trade Organization and any other USA backed organizations. The USA has effectively steered Russia into Iran, China and the Eastern worlds arms. The chance that the Western world had to influence Russia is gone.

One last statement about the death counts: Due to the heat and decomposing bodies, people were forced to bury bodies in gardens, courtyards and even incinerated many. There are masses of those unidentified hillocks. Only in some cases have they been able to determine who is buried there. (The death is not counted unless the Western world does an autopsy.) If you ever have been near dead humans by the dozens or hundreds (like I have), you would understand why you have to bury them and bury them quick. I have chosen not to print pictures of the dead, just caskets. We have seen hundreds on the news and that is enough for Svet & I!

Posted by Kyle Keeton
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