Russia: What is Happening in Russia! 8-20-08

1. Russia has rejected a new draft United Nations resolution on South Ossetia at an emergency session held in New York. Moscow says the text doesn’t entirely reflect the six principles of settling the conflict, drawn up by the presidents of Russia and France last week. A vote on the issue is likely to provoke a veto from Russia.

2. Russia has submitted a new draft resolution on Georgia to the UN Security Council in New York. The country’s representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, says it’s based on the six principles worked out by the Presidents of Russia and France last week. Russia rejected an earlier draft resolution submitted by France.

3. Russia’s ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin has dismissed media reports that the Georgian city of Gori is “in ruins.” He called the allegations a “disinformation campaign” and pointed to the fact that Russian peacekeepers have in fact performed a humanitarian mission there.

4. Russia’s ambassador to the UN says a French resolution aimed at ending the crisis in the Caucasus does not entirely reflect the six principles agreed by all parties. Vitaly Churkin made his comments after the UN Security Council held emergency consultations on the situation in South Ossetia.

5. The total number of casualties of the Georgian – South Ossetian conflict has been revealed. According to local authorities the conflict has claimed the lives of 1492 Ossetians.

6. The Abkhazian Parliament has approved an official appeal to Russia to recognize its independence.

7. Medvedev has high approval (76%) of how he handled the Georgian Issues. (I can attest to that personally!)

8. Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko cut short her vacation in Sardinia yesterday to return to Kiev, at the demand of President Viktor Yushchenko. The latest hot scandal in their relations concerns relations with Russia. Using growing public concern in Ukraine about a Russian invasion, Yushchenko is trying to assume the role of guarantor of national security, accusing Tymoshenko, who did not support Georgia, of conspiracy with Moscow.

9. U.S. agreements on deploying elements of its missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic provoke an arms race and do not provide for European security, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

10. An officer of Russia’s army, Mikhail Khachidze, was detained in the Stavropol region on suspected spying for Georgia, Interfax reported with reference to a spokesman of the PR Center of Russia’s FSB. A criminal case was opened under Clause 275 (High Treason).

Russia seems to have had an interesting day, from United Nation issues to a Spy….

Kyle & Svet

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