Russia: Tskhinvali is Being Rebuilt!

Tskhinvali restoration:

Russia’s Emergencies Ministry in a TV news statement says it needs the help of local people to rebuild South Ossetia’s devastated infrastructure. Progress is being made and restoration work is in full swing, with the water supply to the capital Tskhinvali having been almost been fully restored. Another key task is to repair broken windows before cold weather sets in.

The authorities have pledged to restore schools before September 1 and hospitals are also at the top of the reconstruction list.

Many foreign journalists have received accreditation to work in the region and are being given guided tours by local officials to show them the scale of the damage and devastation.

Russian combat engineers are still involved in mine-clearing operations in South Ossetia and they’re still finding unexploded mines and artillery shells across the region.

Russia is to spend $US 60 million by the end of the year on the reconstruction of South Ossetia’s infrastructure.

The Chechen Republic has also joined the humanitarian aid program for the region. It is providing food and construction materials. (Link)

Kyle & Svet