Russia Will Go On The Offense in Missile Development!


By the way, Windows to Russia has 1700 posts today! This is allot more important post than you realize. The Russian missile and nuclear infrastructure has been slowly but steadily undergoing a dramatic alteration. What with Russia having passed a first strike resolution with nuclear weapons, a gradual restructuring toward offensive nuclear weapons and a total modification of its armed forces underway.

So what better post for 1700 than a good Putin post: It seems that my exclamations about the nuclear treaty between America and Russia having a hiccup is correct. My connections had given the heads up that Russia wants the USA games to end with the missile defense systems bull…

Putin on a visit to Vladivostok, said Moscow “must continue developing offensive systems” that could fool or overwhelm U.S. missile defenses. Such upgrades, he said, would help “preserve a strategic balance” with the United States.

Now that made the Western press and bloggers go crazy. The world bandwidth is swarming with multiples of Putin posts that tell everything from how evil he is and how he plans on destroying the world to the fact that he just restarted the cold war.
The deal is that Medvedev has been telling the same thing and Obama and him have no way to come into agreement. So hence the delay of the Missile Treaty signing.
Then steps up Putin and does what I respect him for. “Tells it like it is!” He also gave America a wonderful New Years present – “Quit or else!”
Putin does not bluff! (He already has the ground work laid and the foundation built…)
That is why I love Russia…
Windows to Russia!
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PS: Putin’s comments — coming on the heels of a similar statement by President Dmitry Medvedev — marked a toughening of Moscow’s stance on strategic security relations with the United States.

“Let the Americans hand over all their information on missile defence and we are ready to hand over all the information on offensive weapons systems,” Putin said. (TV News)

Putin has challenged the USA and called her bluff…