Ukraine – Where Does the Gas and Oil Money Go?

From Mizozo News:

Few countries of the world are suffering quite as severely during this Financial Crisis as Ukraine. Gripped with corruption of the most extreme level, Ukraine’s people are without work, without money and most importantly without food. Of course, the elite don’t have this problem, but the middle and lower classes are scraping to get by while the administration sip champagne while enjoying black caviar in the back of their Maybach’s.

It is no wonder that once again Ukraine is having trouble paying its Natural Gas debt to Russia. Considering the fact that Russia pays Ukraine for each ton of Gas that travels across Ukraine’s land bound for Europe, the fact that the citizens of Ukraine are paying their gas debt for all gas they use and the fact that Ukraine sells gas at a 100% markup to its citizens, it boggles the mind to believe that Ukraine is incapable of paying Russia. —- Read More

Windows to Russia!
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