Russia: The World Forgot to Save For a Rainy Day!


Just a thought today while drinking my morning cup of coffee.

For twelve days Japan has pumped a trillion yen into its financial markets, Europe has pumped billions of pounds and euros into its financial markets, Russia has pumped billions of rubles into its financial markets, Asia has pumped billions of ? (what ever currency they use) into their financial markets and America has pumped billions upon billions (Exceeding a trillion) dollars into its financial system. So the global market has in the last couple of weeks, an injection exceeding trillions of dollars of cash pumped into it and it seems to be just verily holding together.

I am starting to wonder if the patient (Financial System) might die!

What gets me more than these stupid humongous financial numbers that are floating around the world, is the fact that we still talk about aid to the poor in the terms of millions of dollars. We allow people to starve all over the world, they survive on pennies a day. Then we got a corporation and its shareholders crying about its loses. We have people dying everyday from hunger and curable diseases and we have Governments tossing trillions of dollars down the drain to save businesses and banks that have no right to stay in business if they can not manage their money.

I can remember when you never thought in terms of billions of dollars. I remember when a millionaire was rich. I remember. – But somewhere somehow profits became billions of dollars per quarter for companies like General Motors and Ford and now they are broke.

How can you be broke making billions of dollars in profit per quarter?

My Grandma would have said: “You must save money for a rainy day!”

It sure is a stormy rainy day. Did you save your money?

Kyle & Svet

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