Russian Diplomat Motorcade in Iraq was smashed by American Armored Carriers!


While drinking that wonderful morning cup of coffee RBC reported this tidbit of information on the TV and print:

A motorcade of Russia’s diplomats had a traffic accident in Iraq through the fault of U.S. military, spokesmen of the RF Foreign Ministry told RBC news agency.
Three armored cars of the RF embassy were heading for the international airport when a column of five armored troop carriers of the United States set to overtaking them.

“All of a sudden, the lead armored carrier maneuvered violently, overtook two of three cars of Russia’s motorcade, came abreast of the leading car and hit it to push away from the road. The embassy’s car was heavily damaged, lost control, moved by 180 degree, nearly turning over,” representatives of the RF Foreign Ministry said.

Without any agitation, the U.S. armored carriers proceeded in the previous direction, aiming guns at the diplomats, said representatives of the RF Foreign Ministry.

According to diplomats, Russia emphasizes the intended nature of the accident and demands to probe into it and punish the guilty. The RF embassies in Bagdad and Washington made the respective statements already.

Does not sound like a very friendly thing to do!

This is another thing that makes you go Hummmmmm….

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