Russian Energy Data! (Bear Power)

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Just some Russian Information:

Russia holds the world’s largest natural gas reserves, the second largest coal reserves, and the eighth largest oil reserves.

Russia is also the world’s largest exporter of natural gas, the second largest oil exporter and the third largest energy consumer.

Russia is a major world oil producer, sometimes producing even more than Saudi Arabia.

Russia’s output rebounded during the early 2000s, but the effects of high government taxation and a mature field base threaten an overall decline in production.

Russia’s production growth in the upcoming decade will depend on the availability of viable export routes for the country’s crude oil. Transneft currently has a monopoly over Russia’s pipeline network.

Russia has the largest natural gas reserves in the world, but the industry will face investment challenges in bringing new, more challenging fields online. In the meantime, production from Gazprom’s four largest fields are in decline.

Russia has the second-largest amount of recoverable coal reserves in the world.

Russia’s electricity reforms will be completed in July 2008 when Russian electricity monopoly RAO UES is dissolved. The government sees electricity sector reform as a crucial component of reducing domestic natural gas consumption.


Energy Overview
Minister of Energy Sergei Shmatko
Proven Oil Reserves (January 1, 2008E) 60 billion barrels
Oil Production (2007E) 9,800 thousand barrels per day, of which 96% was crude oil
Oil Consumption (2007E) 2,800 thousand barrels per day
Crude Oil Distillation Capacity (2007E) 5,400 thousand barrels per day
Proven Natural Gas Reserves (January 1, 2008E) 1,680 trillion cubic feet
Natural Gas Production (2006E), (2007E) 23.17 trillion cubic feet (tcf), 23.09 tcf
Natural Gas Consumption (2006E) 16.6 Trillion cubic feet (tcf)
Recoverable Coal Reserves (2003E) 173,073.9 million short tons
Coal Production (2005E) 320 million short tons
Coal Consumption (2005E) 258 million short tons
Electricity Installed Capacity (2005E) 217.16 gigawatts
Electricity Production (2005E) 904.4 billion kilowatt hours
Electricity Consumption (2005E) 779.4 billion kilowatt hours
Total Energy Consumption (2005E) 30.3 quadrillion Btus*, of which Natural Gas (55%), Oil (19%), Coal (16%), Hydroelectricity (6%), Nuclear (5%), Other Renewables (0%)
Energy Intensity (2005E) 14,935 Btu per $2000-PPP**
Environmental Overview
Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions (2005E) 1,696 million metric tons, of which Natural Gas (52%), Coal (26%), Oil (22%)
Per-Capita, Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions (2005E) 11.88 metric tons
Carbon Dioxide Intensity (2004E) 0.84 Metric tons per thousand $2000-PPP**
Oil and Gas Industry
Organization Transneft is predominant pipeline operator. State has majority ownership of Gazprom and Rosneft.
Major Oil/Gas Ports Primorsk, Novorossiysk


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