Russian News From Russia: December 18th, 2009!

Russian cities are cold, even colder than usual:
The last time Russia saw exceptionally low temperatures was in the winter of 1997. It dropped as low as 28 degrees below zero Celsius in the early hours of December 15 and 16. Similar temperatures were recorded last week.

Russia approves construction of its leg of Nord Stream:
Russia’s environmental regulator approved on Friday the construction of its leg of the Nord Stream gas pipeline to be built in the country’s Baltic Sea waters, the project operator said.

What the Russian papers say:
NATO chief rejects Russia’s idea of European security treaty/ Russia to benefit from global warming/ Russia to limit foreign weapons and components purchases/ Russia revisits its largest Soviet-era nuclear missile program.

Russia to launch ESPO pipeline in last week of December:
The first tanker with 100,000 metric tons of oil will arrive at a Russian Far East port in the last week of December, symbolizing the launch of a major new pipeline, the pipeline operator said on Friday.

Iran to launch new-generation uranium centrifuges in 2011:
Iran plans to start using a new generation of uranium-enrichment centrifuges by March 2011, the head of the country’s Atomic Energy Organization said on Friday.

Daimler in talks to buy another 6% in Kamaz truck maker:
Auto giant Daimler AG is in talks with KamAZ to purchase another 5-6% stake in Russia’s largest truck maker, a Russian shareholder said on Friday.

Sapsan, Russia’s fastest train:
Sapsan, Russia’s first train capable of traveling at a speed of 250 kmph (155 mph), made its first commercial run between Russia’s two largest cities in a record time of 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Russia sets the terms for coming in from the cold:
The latest buzzword in Moscow is modernization. Everyone in Russia’s chattering classes is using it, from President Dmitry Medvedev to assorted economists, commentators, bankers and businesspeople.