Russian News From Russia: December 8th, 2009!

Russia to keep silo-based ballistic missiles in future:
Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) will keep both silo-based and mobile ballistic missile systems in service until at least 2020, the SMF commander said on Tuesday.

Georgi Khaindrava: “Saakashvili is a drug addict”:
One of these days, leader of Democratic Movement – United Georgia Nino Burjanadze (see photo), a representative of the Georgian opposition’s uncompromising wing has recently shared her idea of the Georgian president’s plans, as well as her apprehensions related to his further stay in power. Nino Anzorovna has come to know her former Rose Revolution associate perfectly well. Perhaps, this fact makes her opinion worth.

Who undermines foundations of Georgian society?:
A new scandal is gathering pace in Georgia with the nation’s sanctum – Georgian church and Catholicos of All Georgia Ilia II – as protagonists. The opposition claims the authorities have deliberately initiated a defamation campaign against him. Party leaders support each other in their defense of the Patriarch. Are the authorities really at war with the church?

Russia reigns over its weather:
Russian scientists are decades deep into research on bending the weather to their will. They’ve melted away fog, dissipated the radioactive fallout from Chernobyl and called down rains fierce enough to drown unborn locusts threatening the distant northeastern grasslands.

Afghans condemn, protest against NATO for killing civilians:
Afghan citizens in the eastern Laghman province staged a shocking demonstration on Tuesday condemning NATO for killing civilians during a military operation near the provincial administrative center, local television reported.

Russian authorities foil 81 terror acts in N.Caucasus in 2009:
Police and other security forces have prevented 81 terrorist attacks in Russia’s volatile North Caucasus this year, the head of the Federal Security Service said on Tuesday.

Russian nightclub fire death toll rises to 118:
The death toll in a recent nightclub fire in Russia’s Urals climbed to 118 people on Tuesday following the death of another injured person in hospital, a local emergencies spokesman said.

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