Russian News From Russia: November 20th, 2009!

Murdered Russian priest received death threats:
A Russian Orthodox priest who carried out missionary work among immigrants from ex-Soviet republics received over a dozen death threats before his murder on Thursday, a Russian paper said.

New outfits for the Russian army: bulletproof clothes and boots:
This exhibition of modern army equipment in Moscow features fire-resistant clothes for tank crew, grenade-proof boots and vitamin bars for special forces.

Youth group vows to get “Putin’s granny” out of psychiatric clinic:
Activists from Nashi – a pro-Kremlin political youth movement – have stepped up their efforts to help Natalia Karpova, an 83-year old ardent admirer of Vladimir Putin, out of a mental institution.

Russia-Germany: strategic partners in Europe and Asia:
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has met with his German counterpart, Guido Westerwelle, who is on his first official visit to Moscow.

Clearing a path for Nord Stream:
A risky underwater operation underway in the Gulf of Finland is aimed at clearing the sea bed of old mines from past wars, in order to free the path for the Nord Stream pipeline, carrying gas from Russia to Europe.

Tips on bilateral ties from Putin:
While Vladimir Putin and Yulia Timoshenko have been discussing future collaboration on gas issues, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has been meeting his Georgian counterpart Mikhail Saakashvili in Kiev.

Teenage Georgian prisoners: smugglers or political pawns?:
Four Georgian teenagers caught at the South Ossetian border with explosives and grenades have made it to the center of a growing international row, and now could be exchanged in return for South Ossetian detainees.

Prime Ministers put on smiles to fend off new gas dispute:
This New Year’s Eve will not be clouded by gas cuts, says an optimistic Vladimir Putin after meeting with Ukrainian counterpart Yulia Timoshenko in Yalta on Thursday.

A-ha back in Russia to say goodbye:
Norway’s all-time bestselling band A-ha is returning to Russia, with two gigs in St.Petersburg and Moscow. The legends of synthpop will promote their latest album “Foot of the Mountain” and farewell to their fans.

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