Russian News From Russia: September 15th, 2009!

Russia to decide on purchase of French warship by October:
Technical discussions between Russia and France on buying a Mistral class amphibious assault ship should be completed soon, with a decision on the purchase to follow from Moscow.

Georgia outraged by Abkhazia joining world business organization:
A Georgian opposition MP threatened Abkhazia with sanctions on Monday following the former Georgian republic’s move to join the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Russian PM Putin to visit France in November:
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin intends to visit France in November, he said at a meeting with his French counterpart Francois Fillon on Monday.

Russia, Venezuela to invest $20 billion in Junin 6 oil field:
Venezuela and a consortium of Russian oil companies intend to invest $20 billion into the development of the Junin 6 oil deposit in the Orinoco River Basin.

Russian economy still needs modernization:
Russia must continue work to modernize the economy, despite the current need to channel resources into anti-crisis and pension programs, a deputy premier said on Monday.

Medvedev says global dominance is illusion, welcomes criticism:
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday that the idea of global dominance must be abandoned in world politics, and more intelligent policies adopted.

Russia Gives Up Mass Army:
Leading Russian military expert Vitaly Shlykov spoke during one of the sessions of the Valdai Discussion Club last week about the sweeping reform of the country’s armed forces, which begins in December and will cut the number of tanks from 20,000 to 2,000 and reduce the number or reservists to just 100,000. The reform, which Shlykov described as nothing short of a revolution, will significantly affect the Kremlin’s approach to the composition of and future cuts to the country’s military arsenal.

India keen to expand nuclear cooperation with Russia:
India is ready to cooperate with Russia not only on completing the Kudankulam nuclear power plant but on the construction of a new station, Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom said on Monday.

North Korean leader sends birthday greetings to Russia’s Medvedev:
North Korean leader Kim Jong-il congratulated Russian President Dmitry on his 44th birthday on Monday, Pyongyang’s official news agency said.