Russian People want Putin To Stay?


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and was thinking about the upcoming election in Russia.

The Presidential Election!

What I hear out and about in Moscow is that Russians are happy and they do not want, “The boat rocked.”
So to say! They are content. Well I found this article that comes from this side of the world. It gives very good information on the attitudes of the upcoming election.

“Recent gauges of public opinion have revealed an unusual paradox: every fifth Russian trusts front runners Dmitry Medvedev and Sergei Ivanov. However, if the election were to be held next Sunday, both would lose, getting a mere 2-3 percent of the vote. This is a clear sign that Russians want no one else but Vladimir Putin to be their President.” Indifference to Putin’s successors is a sign that Russians are becoming less interested in politics.” It was also said, “The authorities allow citizens to paint their fences and watch football, that’s why they think there’s no need to be interested in politics,” complained Dmitry Oreshkin, an independent expert. Following a surge of political activity in the 1990s, followed by disappointment in democratic ideas, Russia is now going through a period of “mental relaxation”, Ireshkin said, adding that people would not hesitate to vote for Putin or anyone he points out.” (source RBC)

I see first hand that the Russian people overall are content. That they have less grumblings going on than in the past. Like every large and growing country you will always have dissent voices. Those voices seem mostly to come from across the ocean trying for fame and glory!

There now you have more information on the President of Russia!


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