The Russian собака? (Sobaka)


On my second cup of coffee I was thinking of the one dog that I see more often than any other in Moscow Russia.

The dachshund (Teckel). This little dog is very dear to the hearts of Russians. You go for a walk and you will probably see 10 to 12 of these little dogs protecting their owners from all the bad things in life! 🙂

My wife did not believe me at first, but she now has noticed that dachshunds are everywhere. They come in brown, red, black, and brindle! They are short haired and long haired. So now she is starting to take pictures of them.

I owned a Wiener dog and she was considered a toy miniature, long red haired Dachshund.

Her name was Sneaky the Binky: She came over from America with me.

Link to Sneaky Binky! She lived to be 18 years old!

Now you know another reason why I like Russia!

They love Wiener Dogs!


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