Russian Tunnel: What A Great Idea!

Russia has a proposition for the USA. Russia has the plans drawn up for the longest tunnel in the world a whopping 64 miles long. To be built in the Bering Strait, between Russia and Alaska. Not for the faint of heart, the tunnel will take from 10-15 years to build at a cost of $10-12 billion.

It’s a Russian plan, and they’ll be presenting their project to the U.S. approval to connect to Alaska. The tunnel will be huge, it will containing a highway, railroad, and pipeline for transporting oil.

I feel that this is a very important issue. If the USA wants to better the relationship with Russia then this is one way to realize future harmony with Russia.

The interesting fact is, that with the completion of this tunnel, you could literally drive around the world by car!

Now we just need a tunnel to Australia! :)))

Posted by Kyle Keeton
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