Russians trying to get home from trips…

In connection with the closure of European airspace for Russian aircraft, tourists abroad have had difficulty returning home. Work on organizing the export of Russian citizens from European countries is being carried out by the Federal Air Transport Agency jointly with the Russian Foreign Ministry and Rostourism. The joint statement of the departments tells how to deal with those who are now unable to fly to Russia.
It is necessary to keep in touch with the tour operator or carrier and be sure to register in the Foreign Assistant mobile application of the Russian Foreign Ministry (available on iOS, Android), the statement says.
Citizens of Russia can report a problem through one of the available communication channels:
​ ​ ​ call the hot line of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs +7 495 695 45 45
​ ​ ​ write (full name, location, contact details, description of the issue) to the special mail of the Russian Foreign Ministry –
​ ​ ​ call the Rostourism Hotline – 8 800 200 34 11 (from 8 to 20 Moscow time).
Currently, lists of Russian citizens who need to be assisted in returning home are being formed. After clarifying the required carrying volumes, a flight schedule will be formed.
It is reported that “Russian airlines are ready to fulfill their obligations to passengers and deliver them home, subject to flexible approaches and constructive decisions of the aviation authorities of European countries on this issue.”
“Due to the closure of air traffic, tour operators are now solving with Rostourism the issue of transporting 400 independent and organized tourists from Budapest, Hungary, 500 organized tourists from Bulgaria and about 200 from Madeira, Portugal,” the RIA agency quotes the words of Vice President of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry Dmitry Gorin. News”. – Now Russian tourists are also in the UK, Slovenia and Austria. Transit flights through third countries are being considered, including the cities of Istanbul, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Cairo, as well as other open countries.”