Russia’s Krasnodar Region has Mysterious Wheat Circles!

Russia’s Krasnodar Region has mysterious crop circles appearing in the wheat fields. A common term is to call them “wheat circles”. This video shows an aerial view of the new wheat circles that have just appeared in that region.

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Back in the 1980s there were about 500+ wheat circles registered on the wheat fields in England. In 1991, two unemployed artists from Southampton, took the wind out of wheat circle hysteria after they acknowledged that they falsified mysterious circles and proved it! But that does not stop me from loving the thinking’s behind the manifestations of these wheat circles. The simple fact that they can appear over one night and be so perfectly done makes them hard to accept as human made for me. lets watch the video…

Groups of experts always investigate the wheat circles in the fields where they appear. These experts will stay for weeks and try to catch a new sighting of who or what is causing the manifestation. These wheat circles have been found in 35 countries throughout the world. The UK, USA, Canada, Denmark, Spain, and Germany are some of the common countries to have sightings.

This has happened before in the Krasnodar region. In 1998 they had a set of crop circles also…

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