Russia and Nord Stream – Facts and Figures!

Facts & Figures

Route: Offshore pipeline from Portovaya Bay near Vyborg, Russia to the coast of Germany near Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Constructed by Nord Stream AG
Gas capacities: 55 bcm per annum (2 pipelines with 27.5 bcm capacity each)
Pipeline length: 1220 km – Nord Stream is one of the longest offshore pipelines in the world
Max. water depth: 210 m
Project start: 2005
Completion of the first line: According to plan – in 2011
Completion of the second line: According to plan – in 2012
Pipeline diameter: 1,153 mm
Design pressure: 220 bar/ 200 bar/ 170 bar
Pipe steel standard: DNV Offshore Standard OS-F101; Steel grade: X-70
Wall thickness: 26.8-41.0 mm
Coating: Interior antifriction coating of 0.06 mm epoxy layer; Exterior anticorrosion layer; Passive anticorrosive protection is ensured by aluminium sacrifice bracelet anodes
Gas supply resources: Yuzhno-Russkoye oil and gas reserve, Yamal Peninsula, Ob-Taz bay and Shtokmanovskoye fields
Estimated investment: € 7.4 billion


OAO Gazprom (51%), Wintershall Holding AG (20%), E.ON Ruhrgas AG (20%), N.V.Nederlandse Gasunie (9%)

Have some facts and figures dug up on the web about the Nord Stream pipeline. Looks like this pipeline has huge help by Germany and Germany seems to have a vested interest in selling gas to other countries…

Poland, Belarus and Ukraine are left out in the cold and by warrant of their actions over the years. These three countries have show less than a desire to work with Russia when it comes to transportation of energy reliably. The transit money is a huge part of their budgets and without this money, many social and growth programs will be hurt.

My thought is: The USA does not have a problem doing business with Communist China and America is fighting hard at this moment to keep Russia on the hook buying chicken. America knows that Russia is her largest buyer of chicken and loss of billions if allowed to cease.
The former countries of the Soviet Union should have learned a this lesson from this. It seems even Germany which did so much serious damage to Russia during WWII has now some of the best relations with Russia, politically and financially. In a diminishing high cost energy world you better make friends everywhere or be “Out in the cold.”
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