Saakashvili: The President Who Lost His Country!

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I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and reading an article in the local newspaper about the upcoming UN report on the Georgia – Russian war back in August 7, 2008.

Svet and I have been a supporter of Russia in this war and have not varied from our thinking. We watched a Western slandering media, slam Russia and her actions and then watched that same media support a murderous regime run by Saakashvili, the insane tie eating president of Georgia.

Russia was caught very off guard by all this American press that lied like a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar and crumbs all over their mouth. It was so lopsided that you would have swore that Georgia was just giving early Christmas gifts to South Ossetia and Russia decided to take over Georgia for no reason but shear evilness!

That is about to end: According to DER SPIEGEL a very well known German publication and read all over the world. Der Spiegel has been a very neutral party in reporting this war. They at one point had their finger pointed at Russia but always kept their mind open and listened…

It seems that Der Spiegel has information about the UN report that is getting ready to be released. I always wonder how Der Spiegel gets this information all the time, but then I realize that allowing a major news source to leak information is a way to buffer the shock of the findings.

The experts found no evidence to support claims by the Georgian president, which he also mentioned in an interview with SPIEGEL, that a Russian column of 150 tanks had advanced into South Ossetia on the evening of Aug. 7. According to the commission’s findings, the Russian army didn’t enter South Ossetia until August 8.

Commission members note, on the other hand, that Saakashvili had already amassed 12,000 troops and 75 tanks on the border with South Ossetia on the morning of Aug. 7. In their research, they uncovered remarks by the Georgian president that demonstrate that he had long flirted with a military solution to the South Ossetian problem. “If you ask any Georgian soldier why he is serving in the armed forces, each of them will respond: ‘To reestablish Georgia’s territorial integrity,'” Saakashvili said in a television address on May 25, 2004.

They also go on to say that South Ossetia and Russia committed issues and crimes also. South Ossetia was pissed about what Georgia did and retaliated. Russia had too much fun and they should have been a little more caring in there duties.

I will always say that Georgia is very lucky that Russia kept her cool, because Russia could have mopped the ground up all the way to the next border and turned Georgia into an annexed addition to Russia. No one would have stopped them or could have stopped them, they stopped themselves. Remember that it was five quick days and Russian President Medvedev pulled the Army back just before they were getting ready to take out the Georgian Capital Tilbillis… (Georgia was lucky)

Why just a couple of weeks ago Saakashvili still flapping his never ending mouth, proclaimed Georgia’s innocence in this war and that Georgia was still at war with the evil Russian Empire.

A final word about American involvement:

Nevertheless, a number of commission members are curious to know what John Tefft, the US ambassador in Tbilisi and a former advisor at the National War College in Washington, knew about Saakashvili’s marching orders. One question they would like to ask is why no one at the US State Department took a call from Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin when the war broke out in the early morning hours of August 8 — when it was afternoon in Washington.

Other commission members would be interested in talking to Daniel Fried, the assistant secretary of state responsible for Georgia at the time. Fried recently told a German foreign policy expert privately that Saakashvili “went out of control” in August.

But Tagliavini’s team won’t be questioning any Americans. According to one member of the commission, “our director and the EU apparently lack the courage” to take that step.

Maybe the UN needs some help to ask why, who, where and what?

We deserve to know what the USA was doing there spending our money that we do not have…

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