Windows to Russia: Presents – Sunrise to Freedom (A Russian Village!)

Коммуна,Заря Свободы


Lets look at the Russian Village called “Sunrise to Freedom” and tour the area as we look…

Here is a shot of the front of the village as I walk toward it from the lake… (Below)
Here is an old combine that has been picked to death and is all over the village as little pieces here and there… (Below)
All Villages that we have seen in Russia have this phone now. This was not available two years ago and it has a antenna for reception. Emergency calls are free .. (Below)
A Village home (Below)- This was our goat lady and she died of cancer… 🙁
A view from the village at the countryside… (Below)
Our Village home, a great place… (Below)
Boza is wore out and snoozing… (Below)
Another Village Home… (Below)
On a clear day you can see forever… (Below)
Another Village Home… (Below)
The Church, I mean a village home, no I mean the church – See it has a Cross… (Below)
The ancient Bell Tower – It is so cool! (Below)
Beautiful and endearing… (Below)
Our fence and road at our place… (Below)

Svet and I just love this place and really wish that we could live there. It needs a lot more work and we have put a lot into it over the last few years.

I have to take the time this year to seal and paint the outside.

This village is truly one of the most wonderful places in the world.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of the Village called “Sunrise to Freedom!”

Windows to Russia.
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