A Saturday Stroll in Moscow, Russia!

Svet and I ate at McDonald’s Saturday. We were walking out and I spotted this sign about McDonald’s is hiring. The sign says that you can start at 18,000 rubles per month and up (full time). 18,000 rubles is about $580 per month. That is a high rate of pay for many Russians.

From what I see, McDonald’s is busier than ever and they are having labor issues. (They can not get help) The recession has not hurt McDonald’s in Russia…

Next picture we took was from a bus station. When I saw this advertisement conglomeration – I started to laugh and Svet thought I was going crazy. I could not help myself when I saw all the little ad notes stuck all over the fence and then to have a typical high class Moscow, Russia toilet System in the picture to boot. It just does not get any better than that…

Well, OK you had to be there! 🙂

OK, if that was not funny to you, lets get serious: How about a full fledged “Aston Martin”. I asked Svet if I could have one and she just looked at me like I was stupid or something….

But hey the car is a serious stuff! As this is seriously cool also… A Tram Depot!

This was just a nice walk in downtown Moscow, Russia. Wish you all were here!

Windows to Russia!
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