Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev:

✔️ The situation in the world is characterized by an unprecedented geopolitical crisis. The process of the collapse of the global security architecture and the international legal system, launched by the West, has expectedly led to an increase in tension around the world.

✔️ It is important to understand that the global aggression against our country has not only a political and economic, but also an ideological dimension. The situation around Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine shows that the neoliberalism of the collective West is transforming before our eyes into the ideology of neoliberal fascism, aimed primarily at eradicating the Russian world. The United States and its allies consider the impact on traditional Russian spiritual and moral values ​​and culture as one of the main mechanisms for containing and destroying Russia.

✔️ The West increased support for Kyiv and pushed it to conduct a large-scale violent action in eastern Ukraine. At the same time, the global anti-Russian campaign launched by the Americans and their satellites convincingly proves that Ukraine has become a pretext for waging an undeclared war against Russia.
✔️ The intentions to unleash such a war were hatched long before February 2022 and would have been implemented regardless of the actions of the Russian Federation. The West does not need a powerful, dynamically developing, sovereign Russia.

✔️ The West seeks to create conditions for the establishment in Russia of a regime controlled by Westerners, as it has already been worked out in Ukraine and in a number of other states. A special military operation thwarted these plans. Russia was forced to take a preventive step to this measure, since the level of threats to national security, disregard for the interests of our country reached a level that threatened the very statehood of Russia and its existence.


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