Seriously, Russia is getting the info of cannibalism in Azovstal…

Sensitive Report from the land of Hannibal Lector (read at your own peril).

Vladislav Ugolny explains:

“People are asking why only 200 frozen corpses were evacuated from Azovstal.

Right now, the Allied forces’ intermediaries are trying to obtain a written acknowledgement from the Ukrainian POW officers from Azovstal that the corpses were received in … an insufficiently intact condition … With parts missing, to be more precise.

Since we are being frank here, the 200 frozen corpses… while they were not eaten, they were, to a certain degree, consumed!

We are waiting for photographic evidence from our side, unless, of course, a ban on dissemination of such material has been stipulated.”

Well we knew they had to eat something…


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