Seriously, should the USA, NATO or the EU stand as they are now?

The masks have been removed by both sides!

Some serious jitters have appeared within the western system. The realization that Russia may have intentionally stepped over the Rubicon and did it on purpose. There are times when you face reality and realize that your opponent is so socially and psychotically deranged that you have to do what you have to do. Russia has embraced the Rubicon, found a home there and likes it…

The USA, as I have said, “Even in the US arrogance against the world, there is not but a little child, whom is scared and fearful of the monsters under their bed!”

All of a sudden, the backpedaling that we are seeing by the Western Empire of Lies, is in realization that the Russian Bear has tasted blood and has decided that all these years of being treated like “Shit”, will not continue…

Medvedev said, “I am often asked why my Telegram posts are so harsh.”

“The horsemen of the apocalypse are on their way” – said Dmitry Medvedev

Medvedev has really woke up, looks like he reads my website. He is saying all I have said for years about America…

Medvedev is a spokes person for Russia and as Lavrov and as Putin have been expressing in a not so nice way these days…

We will no longer try to be nice and we will no longer put up with your crap, for the USA has insulted and degraded Russia for the last time…

The Yank attitude of Chaos has reached its end and now Russia is going to tighten the noose and rip the Empire of Lies head off. If that is what the Empire desires?

Seriously, why should the USA, NATO or the EU stand as they are now? (Empire of Lies)

Glory to Russia!, Слава России (Slava Rossii)

I ask myself, “What good does the USA do for the world?”

Not what has been done in the past when the US still had a shred of decency. But what does the Empire of Lies bring to the planet? Death, destruction, immorality, debt, actually just toss all the sins you can think of and add a bunch of hodgepodge into a basket and you will understand that the USA, EU, and NATO bring nothing but degradation upon the planet and they have accelerated their hate upon out world…

And yes, Russia has taken the brunt of the hate right now and for that the world should thank Russia!

Glory to Russia!
Слава России (Slava Rossii)



Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio offended by Medvedev’s post about “bastards and geeks”

“Medvedev’s statements are very serious and dangerous. These are unacceptable words, which are of great concern to us also because they come from the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia. This is not a sign of dialogue, not a desire for a ceasefire, not an attempt to restore peace, but these are unequivocal words of threat against those who persistently seek peace, ”ANSA quoted the Italian minister as saying.

Earlier, the deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation harshly answered the question of why he criticizes the West, calling his Western colleagues “bastards and degenerates” and promising that he would “do everything to make them disappear.”

Luigi Di Maio – You should be very scared!

The masks have been removed by both sides!

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