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By | September 4, 2016

Shower houseShower house is getting there. I am using old wood and the wood that Father Pavel gave me for a donation. It is not pretty, but it is strong and functional. It also matches everything else around the Tiny Russian Village Home!

The blue thing on top is the shower tank. It has a heating element and I will find a flexible shower hose. The device has a turn valve and can be turned off and on at the shower tank. The place will have a bench to sit on to shower at and a wide bench to hold clothes and stuff. I also will build several shelves to hold shampoo and such. I have a set of outside stairs that I am building to be able to climb to the top and fill the tank safely. It is still a work in progress and will be done soon…

straw boss bozaOh and this next picture is my straw boss…

He stays far enough away to not have to work, but close enough to make sure I work! It is good to have a boss and Boza is, The Boss!

* * * * * * * * * *

I think I will take a break from the shower house today. I have to install a distributor in the Volga and if I do, that will most likely take all my energy and thinking power for the day…

It is a yucky rainy type of day, but no rain really! So the wood is damp and really no fun to work with. I have a million things to do, including working on the inside of the home. It is time to start rebuilding the wood burning brick stove. Lots to do and not enough time or money to get them all done…

But the term “Fun” is what comes to mind!


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