Smokers Dilly People, Russia has had enough! European Union will be ignored!

Keep it up EU and….yes, Russia will!

Russia: Europe will be worked with on a country by country basis, if the EU does not straighten up and get its act together…..No not Europe, but the EU!

Lavrov on Potential Russia-EU Break-up: Rift Has Been Growing for Years at Brussels’ Initiative

The foreign minister has previously stated that Moscow is prepared to end the relationship with the European Union if the bloc introduces sanctions that put the Russian economy at risk.

The breakup between Russia and the European Union has been going on for a long time, with the bloc being the initiator, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday.

“In general, it is clear for any person that takes at least some interest in the situation in Europe that the breakup has been going on for many years, as the EU consistently keeps severing ties,” Lavrov said at a press conference, held after talks with Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto.

According to the Russian minister, the 2014 coup in Ukraine was a tipping point, as the EU “in fact showed it could do nothing with the agreement, which the authorities and the opposition reached just ahead of the coup and which was signed by Germany, France and Poland”.

Source: Lavrov on Potential Russia-EU Break-up: Rift Has Been Growing for Years at Brussels’ Initiative – Sputnik International


The Russian minister underlined that these meetings were meant to conduct full reviews of all areas of cooperation between Moscow and Brussels. “All of this, I reiterate, was not destroyed by us,” Lavrov stressed. The minister then added that Russia-EU contacts can now be described as sporadic. “The contacts between the Russian foreign minister and high representatives, Josep Borrell and his predecessor Federica Mogherini, are mainly dedicated to situational talks about Syria, the Iranian nuclear program or some other international situation rather than reviews of the relations with the EU because there are almost no relations to speak of,” Lavrov underlined. “In other words, we meet from time to time depending on certain interests, primarily from Brussels. We are not imposing ourselves, we are ready to consider any issue which can be of mutual interest, but in any case the meetings that take place from time to time do not mean that there are relations,” he added.

Source: Brussels deliberately destroyed framework of Russia-EU ties, says Lavrov – Russian Politics & Diplomacy – TASS

I have been talking about this and watching this lately. I suspect that Putin will soon step forward and have something to say very soon….for Lavrov was treated very badly and lied to in and by the last EU meeting with Josep Borrell. We have a saying, “Straw that broke the camels back”…

Josep Borrell just arrogantly lied in the face of truth!

Too many lies and too many straws…

Remember: Russia does not bluff!


EU just keeps walking into demise!


kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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One thought on “Smokers Dilly People, Russia has had enough! European Union will be ignored!

  1. Regarding working on a country-by-country basis, I suppose it’s inevitable that a political entity like the EU would not last long or well enough to replicate the USA on everything, such as a single artificial* currency whose problems were worsened by the differences between an industrious half of the continent and another part that’s not as industrious.
    (* At least the mark, like the franc, lira, peseta, etc. before the euro, was originally based on a weight of precious metal.
    How the heck did they come up with the value of the euro/ECU in the first place to the point where it has become worth nearly a dollar?)
    If the EU breaks up, I reckon the pre-euro currencies will make a comeback, and then you could probably use one of them as an alternative to US dollars. (But then what will Rosneft trade in?)

    P.S. the last comment I tried to write never made it. I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful or anything, so something must’ve occurred behind the scenes.

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