More Russian Sanctions!

The never ending effort by the US administrations in their pathetic efforts to bully the rest of the world into compliance with their loosing effort to force dominance is making many Americans ashamed and sick of their policy’s. When will US citizens and the rest of the world wake up and realize the US is a failed nation rapidly heading for third world status?

Source: White House Drawing Up List of Firms Working on Nord Stream 2 for Possible Sanctions, Report Says – Sputnik International


Tidbit of info:

UNITED NATIONS, February 16. /TASS/. Unilateral sanctions imposed by individual states in bypassing of the United Nations Security Council even amid the coronavirus pandemic are in force against 20% of United Nations member countries, Maria Zabolotskaya of the Russian mission to the United Nations said on Tuesday.”Of special concern are unilateral measures of compulsion that are not based on international law and that were imposed without a corresponding resolution of the UN Security Council or in addition to its measures,” she said at a meeting of the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and on the Strengthening of the Role of the Organization. “Even amid the global pandemic, unilateral sanctions have been imposed on 20% of United Nations member states.”

Source: Unilateral sanctions in place against 20% of UN member nations — Russian mission – Russian Politics & Diplomacy – TASS

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