Why is Russia a threat? & Who is the real threat? I know, do you?

“It’s very apparent Russia’s a threat to all NATO allies, including the United States,” the official said. “They are using military force to achieve their goals. “

Source: US set to discuss threat posed by Russia at NATO ministerial meeting – World – TASS

Interesting: I ask why and when I look around, I see that Russia is not the threat to any NATO allies!

The warmongering terrorist acting country/government is the USA….yet, lets point fingers at Russia as if they are the ones running around killing and raping other countries!

Sick and sad world that we have allowed the USA to destroy…


Wake up EU and smell the coffee & roses!

EU just keeps walking into demise!

kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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4 thoughts on “Why is Russia a threat? & Who is the real threat? I know, do you?

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  3. Hi Mr. Keeton,
    I’m not too confident that the EU as a political entity will wriggle itself out of the clutches of the USA, having been created as the civilian arm of NATO after all. Some member states like Poland and the Baltics are notorious for their Russophobic policies. It’s doubtful that the EU as a monolithic entity, at least in its current form, can successfully work with Russia; I suppose Russia would be better suited doing business with individual countries such as Germany. Should the EU break up and the euro be abolished, I reckon trade will be done with rubles and marks.

    P.S. I’ve tried writing comments on some of your pages and they have not appeared. I didn’t intend to be offensive or anything.

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