Soviet Mustard Sauce and or Spread (Recipe)

Some will call it Honey Mustard? I just call it darn good…

This is an old style Soviet recipe for a Mustard. This is really good on any meat and breads, plus crackers…

Russians as they did during Soviet times grow lots of different grasses and use the grass and seeds to make things with. Mustard seed is one that is grown many times, along with dill, parsley and others. Grab some dried mustard seed and grind it up for a more authentic recipe. But you can just buy mustard powder and do it just as well…

Lets make Soviet Mustard Sauce… (I like extra thick though.)

75 Grams Fresh ground Mustard Powder
2 Table spoons Real Honey
3 Table Spoons Sifted Flour
3 Table Spoons Sugar, use brown, but any will do, even powdered
2 Table Spoons Warm Water
30 Grams Real Apple Cider Vinegar (but any vinegar will do in a pinch.)
1 pinch of garlic powder and 1 pinch of onion powder (Totally Optional, but worth it.)

Mix mustard powder, flour, and brown sugar together in a small bowl. Add warm
water and whip until it is aerated and smooth… (Flour to create thickness of your desire.)

Let sit 20 minutes and then add remaining ingredients (honey, vinegar, garlic, onion) and whip again…very well. I whip it until it becomes almost spread like. If too runny, add a pinch of flour….and whip it more…

Put into clean glass jar with lid and refrigerate and after first use, keep refrigerated…

Let age: Best if aged a few days before using. I suggest a week is better. Allow the flavors to blend naturally…

Spread this on that pork chop and go, “Yummy!”


PS: Russians even add horseradish to the sauce. That is if you like it spicy hot to trot!

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