Status-6 (Kanyon) – Stop poking the Bear

Yes it scares me: 100 megaton nuke…

I will be honest with you. Having trained as a nuclear specialist at one time many many years ago in the army, this weapons scares the bejeebees out of me. I cannot get enough information to tell if this is totally true, but as with much of the Russian weaponry and the advanced state of its weaponry, I would say it is a very good chance that “Status-6” is a fact…

It follows the massive submarine building that Russia has been doing. Russia is turning out subs at a unbelievable rate…

Popular Mechanics writes the link below…

Kanyon is designed to wipe out the enemy’s coastlines and make them unlivable for generations.

Source: Pentagon Confirms Existence of Russian Doomsday Torpedo

From a Russian websites below, translated…

Ocean multi-purpose system “Status-6” (Kanyon)

“Status-6” is designed to defeat important fleets, ports of the enemy’s economy in the vicinity of the coast and cause unacceptable damage to the country’s territory by creating zones of extensive radioactive contamination that are unsuitable for military, economic and other activities in these zones for a long time. “Status-6” is capable of destroying the Navy bases or carrier-based strike groups…

Status-6 is a remotely controlled automatic underwater robot carrying up to a 100 megaton-class nuclear weapon possessing computer intelligence and capable of acting independently at a distance of several thousand kilometers from the carrier. The maximum speed of the device allows you to escape from any existing enemy torpedo. The choice of speed and drone maneuvering exercises independently. (I understand that steady 55 knots and faster for a short burst…)

Status-6 refers to deep-sea uninhabited underwater vehicles (NPA), which can dive to a depth of 1000 meters and is a large high-speed torpedo with an atomic reactor and a huge nuclear warhead…

As a deterrent, the NPA can come to the destination and lie to the bottom, waiting for a signal to undermine the military unit. The signal can be fed along the long-wave channel, since long waves penetrate the water column. In this case, Russia receives a deterrent weapon with a 100% guarantee of operation…

The nuclear-powered submarines of the special purpose of projects 09851 Khabarovsk, 09852 Belgorod, 09853 “Until Untitled” should be the carriers of the ocean multipurpose weapon system “Status-6″…

The development of projects is also handled by JSC “TsKB MT Rubin” (Russia)

The construction of the submarine SN 09851 “Khabarovsk” and 09852 “Belgorod” is carried out by JSC “PO” Sevmash “(Russia)

On November 27, 2016, a successful test launch was made from the Sarov submarine.


Diameter 1.6 m
Length – 24 m
Working depth – up to 1000 m.
Drivers – water jet
Nuclear reactor – 8 MW, small-sized on liquid-metal coolant
Cruising speed – up to 55 km / h
The maximum speed is 100 – 185 km / h.
The range is up to 10 thousand km.
The warhead – with a cobalt section, for maximum radioactive contamination of a huge territory.
The power of the warhead is 100 Mt.
Low-visibility for hydroacoustics SOSSUS – up to 2 – 3 km at cruising speed of the vehicle

Russian specs below…

Разработкой проектов также занимается АО “ЦКБ МТ “Рубин” (Россия)

Постройкой АПЛ СН 09851 “Хабаровск” и 09852 “Белгород” занимается ОАО «ПО “Севмаш” (Россия)

27 ноября 2016 года с подводной лодки “Саров” произведен успешный испытательный пуск.


Диаметр – 1,6 м
Длина – 24 м
Рабочая глубина – до 1000 м.
Движители – водометные
Ядерный реактор – 8 МВт, малогабаритный на жидкометаллическом теплоносителе
Крейсерская скорость – до 55 км/ч
Максимальная скорость – 100 – 185 км/ч.
Дальность – до 10 тыс. км.
Боеголовка – с кобальтовой секцией, для максимального радиоактивного загрязнения громадной территории.
Мощность БЧ – 100 Мт.
Малозаметность для гидроакустики SOSSUS – до 2 – 3 км при крейсерской скорости аппарата

I really think it is time to stop poking the BEAR…

Russia is vastly more advanced in weaponry than the West wants to admit and lets not even talk about China…

Here, one more link to wet your whistle…

I don’t like the destructive power of such a weapon and stopping it is not possible. Even to set it off offshore is to send a tsunami of death to the shore…

Would be nice to just be friends, I get along fine with the Russians and I am an America. Why can’t the rest of us Americans, quit poking the bear?

Say something before it is too late.

100 megatons is one big hello and goodbye in one act…


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