Sunday: Russian thoughts!


I was drinking my cup of (real) coffee today. (Yummy) I was thinking about what I had talked to my wife about last night.

Every Sunday, have her post an article. I will not post any articles and Svet gets to post what ever she feels like. I think that this is a good idea and she wants to do it.

BUT, she feels like people would not want to read what she has to write. I tell her that she is wrong.

I know that you all are making her happy. She has comments on her article!!!!

So with your encouragement she will do it.

What do you think!

We can call it, Svet Sunday!


PS: You can see by the sparkle in her eyes and the joy in her face why I love her so much. She is the holder of my Heart and has the key to my soul!

comments always welcome.