Svet and I are Getting Ready to Move – Outside of The Moscow City, Russia!

These are pictures from the window of our new flat. We are on the second floor of a brand new building that has just been finished. Svet’s Aunt died 6 months ago and the family inherited this new flat from her. It is considered a two room flat, which means it has a kitchen, bathroom and two living areas. So, since someone needs to live in it to take care of it and since we have volunteered, we are moving! 🙂

The new area is located out of Moscow in the Moscow area…
russiaAs you can see almost all flats are empty. They go from 12 stories to 20 stories in the same area!

russiaWe are excited and more pictures are to come, but the theft of our car has caused a problem with moving. I was planning on having a bunched moved this week but we are waiting to see if we get our car back. If not then on to plan B…

Windows to Russia!
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