Svet Sunday: All In Your Hands!


Today I want to tell you a parable. A teacher in our school liked to tell it on the first lesson.

There was a village. And a very wise man lived in the village. All people knew he was wise, they like him and came often to ask an advice. And there lived very smart man in this village near the wise man. And this smart man envied the wise man a lot. He did not understand why people wanted to get advices from his neighbor and not from him.

So one day he decided to prove that this man who was wise in everybody’s else opinion is not really too wise.

He caught a butterfly and came to the home of this wise man. The wise man was sitting on the porch and talked to people, like always there were a lot of people who wanted to get advise or just listen to opinion of the wise man.

Smart man put the butterfly in his hand and asked the wise man:”Is the butterfly in my hand alive or dead?”. He was very smart this smart man. He thought if my neighbor tell that the butterfly is dead I’ll show everybody that it’s alive. But if he tell that butterfly is alive I’ll squeeze it a little bit (nobody would notice) and then I open my hand and everybody would see that the butterfly was dead.
The wise man looked at him and told: “All is in your hands”.

I really like this thought that “All is in our hands”. I already had an article about it:

But the second thought is about differences between been smart and been wise. There is a lot of parables, stories and jokes about it. May be you can share with us some of them?


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